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Platinum Sponsor

Electronic Presence Across US and Canada


Be the featured expert by offering a 45 to 60 minute webinar on a topic of broad interest to the NATMI Community This will be complimentary for NATMI members and a small fee for non-members
1 Webinar 2 Webinars

Dedicated Email

Provide company or product specific content and NATMI will email it to the NATMI Community
1 Email 2 Emails

Motor Fleet Monthly Newsletter
The NATMI Newsletter is published 10 times annually and it distributed to roughly 10,000 people

Company Logo

linked to your company or product
3 Issues 6 Issues 10 Issues

Article Placement

Be the expert by submitting an industry related topical article with your company byline (Subject to Editorial Committee acceptance) Website

Sponsorship Recognition
3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Course Schedule page
Silver and Gold Sponsors will appear in the left scroll bar
Platinum Sponsors will appear at the top of page

Website Video Link

Your video will be featured next to NATMI’s “Certification Process a 2 Minute Overview”

NATMI Course Sponsor and Scholarship Benefits

NATMI Certification Program Scholarship
1 Scholarship 2 Scholarships
Award a Scholarship to a prospective client, current client or member of your company

$1495 value

NATMI Course Book Recognition

12 Months

12 Months

12 Months

Silver Level Sponsors Company Logo Half Page Ad Logo + Full Page Ad
Logo will be inside the front cover or near Table of Contents depending on space
Gold Level Sponsors
Half-page advertisement will be inside front cover near Table of Contents depending on space
Platinum Level Sponsors
Logo will be on the front cover and the Full Page Advertisement will be the back cover

Two Sided Advertisement Option
Two Sided Ad Option $4,500

Two Sided Ad Option $2,500

This Option allow our sponsor to have a two-sided black and white page build into the Guide Book inside the front cover

Includes Course Participant Guide Books

Safety Certification
Driver Trainer Certification
Maintenance Management Certification
Fleet Accident Investigation Course
Hazardous Materials Training
Safety and DOT Compliance Series

Annually, there are approximately

1200 hardcopy books
1200 electronic books

Recognition During NATMI Courses

Your logo will appear with “Thank Sponsor” in the PowerPoint presentation – transition and break slides – 3 to 5 times during the day

NATMI Membership

$375 Value

Be a Corporate Sponsor!

To reserve your sponsorship opportunity,
contact Rob Spangler at (720) 259-2201 or