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Who can become a Mentor?

Anyone who has successfully completed the certification process can become a mentor.  Many mentors are individuals who have been involved as a volunteer for NATMI, though having been a volunteer is not a prerequisite.

What do Mentors do?

Mentors help certification applicants, usually individuals in their local area, by advising them on the proper presentation of their professional accomplishments in their certification exhibit.   Mentors may also provide guidance on how to prepare for the certification examination, explaining the format of the exam and the types of questions asked, as well as which reading materials and what sections of those materials should be focused upon.  Obviously, mentors can’t give applicants the answers to the test, but they can at least tell them what to expect.

Mentors may meet one-on-one with the applicant or discuss the process by phone.  NATMI recommends that mentors review an applicant’s certification exhibit before it is submitted to the Certification Board.  This way, the mentor may spot areas of the exhibit that the applicant has left incomplete, missing or completed improperly.  This provides a means of pre-screening the exhibit, which saves both the applicant and the Certification Board the time and effort associated with possible rejection and resubmission of the exhibit with changes.

How are Applicants Assigned to Mentors?

If an applicant already knows a NATMI certified professional personally, that applicant may simply ask their colleague to serve as a mentor.  Otherwise, they can search the NATMI database for mentors in their area by clicking the “Mentor Search” menu item on the “Certification” menu in the top navigation bar.

How so I become a Mentor?

Simply fill out the form below.  You will be added to the NATMI mentor list.

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