Appeals Process - Denial of Certification

Occasionally, NATMI certification applicants are denied certification based on being deemed not to have met the eligibility requirements for the designation applied for or for failing to meet the requirements of the process itself.

The Certification Appeal Procedures (Procedures or Policy) will be used to process all appeal matters concerning NATMI’s certification requirements and eligibility standards. This Policy applies to individuals seeking NATMI certification (candidates) and all individuals certified by NATMI (certificants).

In order to qualify for the NATMI Certification credentials, each candidate must satisfy all NATMI eligibility requirements, including successfully completing the required training, having the required experience, passing the examination and having their exhibit approved. In addition, certificants must show that they have completed the necessary point earning activities to maintain their certification, which must be renewed every three (3) years.

NATMI certification requirements and eligibility standards are applied fairly, impartially, and consistent with applicable laws and NATMI policies. There are no barriers to NATMI certification based on gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or national origin.

Certificants/candidates agree to follow and obey all applicable NATMI policies, and agree that they will not challenge the authority of NATMI to use such policies, including NATMI eligibility policies, Certification Appeal Procedures, and Recertification Policy. In addition, NATMI certificants/candidates agree that: this Policy is a fair process for resolving all certification complaint or appeal matters; they will be bound by actions and decisions made consistent with this Policy; and, this Policy does not constitute a contract between NATMI and the certificant/candidate.

Download the NATMI Certification Appeals Procedures