Types of Certifications

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  1. Meet the experience requirement,
  2. Complete the required training,
  3. Pass a certification examination, and
  4. Complete an online submission documenting work background and performance.

Review Certification Guidebook for details on the process

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Certified Cargo Security Professional

Certified Cargo Security Professional STEPS TO CERTIFICATION 1.       Meet the minimum experience requirements. 2.      Pass a comprehensive certification examination. 3.       Fill out the formal application, 4.       Submit an exhibit binder with (3) letters of recommendation Purchase the full CCSP Certification Package:  Includes CCSP Exam Registration fee, Certification Kit (contains certification application and guidelines), and CCSP Resource Guidebook.   Experience [...]

Certified Supervisor of Maintenance/Equipment (CSM/E) – a joint certification of NATMI and ATA TMC

NATMI-ATATMC Essentials of Fleet Maintenance Management: Training for the Maintenance Supervisor (2 Days) This course is the only required course for the Certified Supervisor of Maintenance/Equipment (CSM/E) and one of two required courses for the Certified Director of Maintenance/Equipment (CDM/E) designation. Course Benefits: Learn to schedule work effectively; Learn effective information management and use of [...]

Certified Director of Safety (CDS)

Experience: Five years in the motor fleet safety field or, Four years in the motor fleet safety field with a 4-year college degree or with 5 years CMV Enforcement experience (see stipulations in the “Certification FAQs” section of the website)

Certified Driver Trainer (CDT)

Expertise: Certification is awarded for those individuals who demonstrate the ability to administer programs and carry out responsibilities assigned by their management. They must provide performance data correlating to the years of experience required.

Certified Safety Supervisor (CSS)

Experience: Two years in the fleet safety field. Expertise: Certification is awarded to those supervisors who have the ability to carry out policy and program directives.

Certified Director of Maintenance/Equipment (CDM/E) – a joint certification of NATMI and ATA TMC

Experience: Five years in the maintenance field or, Four years with a four-year college degree. Expertise: Candidates must serve as full-time administrators demonstrating their capability of handling a position which involves…