Why Join NATMI?

Our focus is on Improving Your Job Performance Through its training and professional certification programs, NATMI helps transportation professionals develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to:

  • reduce vehicle accidents
  • reduce employee injuries
  • control costs associated with vehicle maintenance
  • recruit and retain qualified drivers
  • avoid fines through proper regulatory compliance
  • present a favorable public image, and
  • develop effective fleet safety and maintenance programs, policies and procedures

For a low annual membership fee, you get all of these benefits:


NATMI Best Practices Textbooks: 

members receive discounted prices on NATMI textbooks on fleet safety supervision, fleet accident investigation and hazardous materials awareness training.

Motor Fleet Monthly:

Motor Fleet Monthly is NATMI’s monthly newsletter, which provides updates on its activities and programs, as well as management tips for transportation professionals.

Professional Development

Course Discounts: Pay discounted rates on all other courses offered through NATMI.

Career Center: Looking to hire or be hired? NATMI members can search resume’s or post job listings at discounted rates.  While posting your resume is free, NATMI member resumes are given priority listing over all other resumes posted to the site.

Online Member Directory: Members of NATMI can search our database for professionals nationwide.

Professional Certification: Becoming certified is an exclusive benefit of NATMI members.

Networking Opportunities: By enrolling as a member of NATMI, you have access to the cream of the crop among industry leaders. And, there are plenty of opportunities for you to become involved as a volunteer.

Mentor Program: A special mentor program is available to members who plan to become certified.  Applicants are guided through the certification process by those who have successfully completed it.

Volunteer Involvement: NATMI has a number of ongoing industry volunteer technical advisory groups that provide consultation on the course curricula, publications, membership benefits, services and certification programs it offers. All members are welcome to participate in these groups.

Membership Types

Fleet members are professionals that work for transportation organizations with motor fleets.  The first person from a company is the primary fleet member.

Rate: $375/year

Fleet Additional members: If someone from your fleet organization is already NATMI’s primary member, each additional member from the organization should register as a Fleet Additional member.

Rate: $275/year

Associate members are those who work for organizations that do business with fleets.  This includes insurance companies, attorneys, consultants, vendors, suppliers, OEMs, etc.  The first person from the organization is the primary Associate member.

Rate: $375/year

Associate Additional members: If your company, which meets the definition of an associate, already has a primary NATMI member, then each additional member should register as an Associate Additional member.

Rate: $275/year

Government/Truck Driving School membership applies to any individual that works for a Federal, State or Municipal government entity.  This includes public schools, city and county fleets, state DOT’s, public utilities, colleges and universities, etc.  Also, employees of truck driving schools, public or private, qualify for the this membership rate.

Rate: $175/year