Certified Cargo Security Professional

Certified Cargo Security Professional

1.       Meet the minimum experience requirements.
2.      Pass a comprehensive certification examination.
3.       Fill out the formal application,
4.       Submit an exhibit binder with (3) letters of recommendation

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Experience Required — as described in either item 1 or 2 below:
1. Baccalaureate degree from any accredited Institution of Higher Learning; Master’s or related degree (PhD, MD, or JD), or  High School Diploma or GED equivalent with one (1) year experience in the cargo/transportation industry; or
2. Five (5) years supervisory or management experience in the cargo/transportation industry.

*Acceptable documents include copies of your official transcripts or diploma demonstrating the highest level of education attained; or signed statements from existing and/or previous employers that verify meeting the minimum experience requirement.

Certification Exam:
The CCSP examination consists of 100 multiple choice questions and candidates are alloted 2 hours for completion.  Candidates must score 70% or better.  Be prepared for the CCSP Exam!  

The exam covers the following knowledge domain areas:

• Risk Management
• Investigations
• Facility Physical Security
• Information/Computer Security
• Personnel Security
• Emergency Preparedness Planning
• Hazardous Materials
• Legal and Legislative
• Business Continuity
• Cargo Securement (Security)
• Cross Border Operations
• Food/Agriculture Security

Renewal Requirements:
Renewal is required on each 3-year anniversary of your initial certification and subsequent renewals.  Renewal is based on points earned for a minimum number of continuing education and professional development activities completed during each 3-year cycle.