Innovative Driver Retention Strategies

Innovative Driver Retention Strategies
(1 Day)

The primary purpose of this seminar is to provide the participant with an understanding of and realistic strategies for recruiting, hiring and training drivers. You’ll develop a real-world understanding of the driver personality and be able to “dialogue” with all driver/management team members in order to develop more constructive relationships, which will lead to a reduction in driver turnover. In addition, this seminar provides hard core strategies for handling scheduling problems and improving interaction between drivers, dispatchers and other management personnel.


Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the seminar the participant should be able to:

  1. Deal with problems between drivers, dispatchers and other operations personnel
  2. Develop effective methods to recruit, hire and train drivers
  3. Design and use a driver profile evaluation
  4. Write and administer a formal driver exit interview
  5. Develop a system of communication that will greatly enhance your driver/management relationships
  6. Use skills to build a trusting team-oriented relationship with drivers
  7. Identify and innovate regarding the use of positive reinforcement, recognition and incentives in order to improve driver morale
  8. Apply several different strategies for effective recruiting and hiring of new drivers

Who should attend?

Those who manage drivers, are responsible for services to drivers, train drivers or have on-going connections with drivers, be it in person or through telecommunications. Anyone involved in dealing with employee and/or owner-operator drivers including:

  1. Dispatch and terminal managers
  2. Human resources officers
  3. Training managers
  4. Safety managers