Safety and DOT Compliance Series

Safety and DOT Compliance Series
(Up to 2 Days)

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Course Objectives:

  1. Prevent / reduce accidents
  2. Manage police and media interactions
  3. Manage accident investigations effectively:

              -documentation and evidence collection

              -interviewing witnesses

  1. Reduce accident-related costs

Day 1 (All Day):
DOT Compliance & Safety:
  This seminar focuses on driver qualifications, safety fitness and safety ratings, roadside inspection, CDL requirements, and driver physicals. Master the safety compliance skills necessary to survive a DOT safety audit.

Day 2 Morning:

Hours of Service & Driver Logs: This hands-on interactive seminar provides training on the federal hours of service regulations and the proper use of driver logs. You’ll participate in a driver log review and learn to identify inaccurate entries.


Day 2 Afternoon:

Controlled Substances and Alcohol Mandatory Training:  This seminar completes the DOT’s mandatory supervisor training requirements for Alcohol and Controlled substances.  Plus, you’ll review the critical parts of the DOT regulations on Alcohol and Drug testing (Part 382 and Part 40).